🤸🏻‍♂️ My Nerdy Health Routine

I have had an interest since about 1995 and this is what I have found so far that works.

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Disclaimer: Therese is hundreds of thousands individually tuned processes in our bodys. And different DNA. And I am a man, my body likes coconut, beans, eggs, fish and so on. I feel super good of up to 72 hours fasting and after that I almost die while my brother can fast for 7 days.. So it is important to create your own setup that works for you.

I usually have this at home and try to rotate it 🥚Eggs 🐟Salmon 🥑Chia/flax seeds 🌶️Turmeric/curcumin 🍁Cinnamon/Cardamom 🥛Kefir 🥦Broccoli 🧄Garlic 🍫Dark 🍎Apple, 🍇Berries 🥜Walnuts/Almonds 🥣Oats 🥕Asparagus 🫘Black beans 🧅Onions 🛢️Olive oil/Vinegar 🧈Butter 🍠Sweet potatoes 🥬Kale 🍇Pomegranate 🍵Green tea 🥥Coconut oil 💪Whey100/Creatine/Collagen 🌸 Rose hip. This is deliberately targeting to help with Anti-inflammatory, Anticancer Antioxidant, Heart health, Brain health, Digestion/Gut Health, Vision, Anti-aging, Weight management.

  1. I do fasting for the first part of the day until noon on ☕️ 2 cups of black coffee pressed with AeroPress and take a 10 minute break for my 🤸🏻‍♂️ "Yoga mat training"
  2. 🏃🏻‍♂️ Lunch walk or jogg to catch some daylight, still fasting.
  3. Semi-fasting the second part of the day on one 🍵"Chocolate mix" and one 🥤"Protein shake".
  4. Breaking fast still with LCHF food usually my 🫘 "Mexican bean sallad" and 🥚 2 boiled eggs with caviar.
  5. The evening is approaching 🌛 and often I treat myself with 🍟 crisps and dark 🍫 chocolate. But I usually have to eat something "real" and that is usually either 🐟 Salomon and 🥦 Broccoli or 🍠 Boiled sweet potatoes with 🧈 butter and 🍗 chicken.

🍵 Chocolate mix

Every day breaking fast.

This is just a base of cacao powder and coconut oil plus spices like cayenne, cinnamon, cardamom, curcumin and salt. Pore hot water on it and mix with a milk frother. It does not taste good even after years of drinking it but it is the right ting to do.

Chocolate mix

🥤 Protein shake

Whey-100 and mixed powdered greens plus collagen and creatine. And som rose hip.

🫘 Mexican bean sallad

I always try to have this avalible. Goes well served with avocado and mayonnaise.

Prepare the spices separately and mix in the solids after.

Mexican Bean Sallad

🤸🏻‍♂️ Yoga mat training

About 10 minutes. 3 sets. Every fever free day!

  1. 10 × diamond pushups
  2. 20 × mountain climbers
  3. 20 × wild thing yoga pose
  4. 20 × Bridge and Reach MMA move
  5. 10 × cattle bell squat press (i use a backpack with water bottles. PS Squats is good!)
  6. 3 × pull-ups

🧠 Mental strength

  1. 💤 Sleep
  2. 💬 Talk with people
  3. 🔭 Have something to work towards that you are exited and curious about learning more about or having more of. (it will never make you happy when/if you reach it but it's good to have that "next goalpost" and remember to enjoy reaching for it.)
  4. ☕️ Fasting
  5. 🏃🏻‍♂️ Walks, exercise, daylight.
  6. 🐟 Reduce stress on body ie. less fast carbs, gluten, dairy
  7. 🧘🏻‍♂️ Reduce pressure to accomplish.
  8. Eg. Letting go of expectations from others and most importantly my self.
  9. 💃🏻 Do stuff, new stuff, fun stuff, exiting stuff, social stuff. eg. and most often social dancing.
  10. 💊 Supplements: Rhodiola Rosea, Magnesium, B-vitmain-complex, D-vitamin.
  11. 🤖 AI Diary. The premium versions is not only a general talking partner but experts in mental health, personal training and philosophy.